Who the heck created this website?

Hey there. I'm Miguel Ferreira, the guy behind Great Landing Page Copy (formerly known as Nishi).

I run Teardwn, The World's smallest copywriting agency.

But I'm also a solo entrepreneur bootstrapping my own products.

You might remember me as the guy behind:

- Creative Samba, a newsletter about the power of creativity to solve business problems.

- Copy Ipsum - A template that shows you how to write unignorable landing page copy. Perfect for micro startups & side projects.

-  Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk! (The web copywriting crash course for bootstrapping business owners)

- Chill Music Club - The chillest place on the interwebs to discover new music (without using algorithms).

- The hashtag #ihaveathingforvinyl on Instagram.

Nobody reads websites. People read what interests them. Sometimes it's a website 

Copywriting is the art of writing words to persuade people to do or buy something.

Copywriting influences decisions people make in their everyday life and in business.

And billions of dollars depend on copywriting to make or break a business.

Yet, in 2021 most websites seem to neglect the importance of having a website with good copy.

A website with good copy is a website that:

1. Is easier to read than to ignore.

2. Delivers a crystal clear message...like the waters of the Bahamas.

3. Feels relatable.

4. Speaks your audience's language.

5. Clarifies what the heck it sells, why your brand is the obvious choice for the reader, and how the reader can buy whatever stuff your website is selling.

6. And...persuades the reader to act.

You see, one of the BIG problems with the Internet in 2021 is indifference.

Building a website has never been easier. The problem is that there are now way too many websites and 98% of them look and sound exactly the same.

98% of websites are written to impress clients or to make the writer look good. That's why these sites are plagued with business jargon and full of Me-centric copy. In other words, copy that keeps repeating words like "my / me / I" or "we / our".

Which is an incredibly stupid business decision. Because this kills conversion rates and sales. 

The truth is, good copywriting makes your website (and brand) different and more memorable.

And because you're different, weird or unusual, you stand out from the crowd.

You're the rare pink sheep in a World of white sheeps (Hint: Psychologists call this the Von Restorff effect).

That's why I created Great Landing Page Copy.

This is a fun side-project with a simple goal: to celebrate and showcase websites that are written for the reader.

Websites that are easy to read, feel relatable and sound like a human, not a robot.

I hope this is a useful resource for you and your marketing team.

Your pal,